Our Mission

The mission of Embracing Sikhi is to promote unity in the Sikh Panth through education and awareness; bridging the gap between east, west, and across all cultures. 

For those coming into Sikhi or embracing the Sikh lifestyle from western backgrounds, there are multiple obstacles that he or she might have to face. Whether it's visiting the Gurdwara for the first time, learning the Gurmukhi script, or making sense of where to begin, it is not an easy journey for some. And unfortunately, since Sikhism is a young religion and doesn't proselytize, the support system for converts is non-existent in the majority of Gurdwaras. This is where we come in.

This is a website created by a convert, for converts. Our hope is that one day our efforts will make transitioning into Sikhism a smoother and more delightful process for people of all races, genders, and nationalities.

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