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Gurpreet Kaur is a blogger, creator, and author whose passion it is to serve the Panth where ever she deems necessary. Since adopting Sikhi back in 2017, she has helped countless Sikhs become more connected to their faith through her blog “My Journey into Sikhi", and other projects such as her infographics, and now her latest project, the "Embracing Sikhism" Youtube channel. As a proud Texan, she currently attends the University of Texas at Austin and is actively involved within the Texas Sangat and interfaith community.

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Brian Harris (pictured on the right) is a U.S. military veteran, stemming from a long line of service within his family. He embraced the Sikh faith over five years ago and is now contributing his knowledge and skills to the wider Sikh community. His blog (Southern Sikh) focuses on his life as a Sikh living in the deepest part of the South, Mississippi.

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