Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"Okay, Mom"

For those who don't know my family situation, PLEASE click on the link below:

So, I need everyone's advice. And this is in regards to my mother. You see, my mother has stopped being OPENLY hostile towards Sikhi which is a step in the right direction. But there's one thing she still seems to be lacking which is respect. Whenever I am with my mother, I automatically tone down my religion. I do not want to make her uncomfortable in any way or disrespect her beliefs. But she doesn't seem to hold the same sentiment. For example, whenever she is driving in the car with me I do not put on kirtan. Instead, I put on the news or just a regular radio station. But whenever I am in the car with her, she almost always has it on the Christian radio stations (such as 94.9, 90.9 Heaven 97, etc.). And instead of saying anything about it, I usually just put my headphones in and ignore the preacher talkin on the radio. 

Another thing she does is always quote the Bible. For example, there might something going on on the news and she'll then say, "Well, you know the Bible says xys". And instead of me saying what Gurbani says, I just say "Okay, Mom" or nothing at all. 

Then there are the constant exclamations of "Praise Jesus!". And I'm like "Okay, that's cool. But would you like it if I said "Dhan Guru Nanak!" every time that I was in your vicinity? Probably not. 

These are just a few examples of the things I have to go through when I go home. Even my grandparents aren't that, how do you say, Jesusfied. And she always asks me why I act like sometimes I don't want to go home. Well, this is a huge reason why. I'm uncomfortable around her and her basically throwing her religion in my face. When I do the exact opposite out of respect. 

So I need ya'lls advice. For those who have not grown up in a Christian family (more specifically a Protestant family), please try to understand the mentality we are dealing with here. Thanks


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  1. Wjkk wjkf. First off I am very impressed with your strength to not only follow your path but also deal with your family and or friends. Also you want to inspire and make the panth stronger which is more than I can say about our own punjabi community. All I can say is Ask guru nanak for support and your mom will start to change.