Sunday, December 30, 2018

Common Questions I Get From Sikhs

Before we get started, you can read part one by clicking the link below:

Common Questions I Get From Non-Sikhs and Sikhs

1. What are you studying?

I'm a business major. Next question.

2. Do you eat Indian food?

Now, if I didn't eat Indian food, I would sure have a hard time ever eating langar. Yes, I eat Indian food. Before I became a Sikh? No. It was a whole new experience for me and it took my stomach a few months to adjust. When it comes to eating it, I'm a simple person. Just give me daal, rice, and roti. If want anything else, I'll usually ask.....Dang it! Now I want some parantha.

3. Do you do yoga?

Under this question, I'm going to add others. "Are you apart of 3ho/Sikh Dharma?" "Do you do Kundalini yoga?" "Do you follow Yogi Bhajan?" "Are you from New Mexico?" The answers to all of these are a flat NO. First of all, I'm sort of a Nihangni. Secondly, I personally see yoga as an exercise in order to prepare your body to meditate. All Sikhs should do something to keep your body in shape for meditation. I prefer weightlifting, running/walking, and Zumba (didn't expect that, did ya?). Moral of the story, stop judging people based off of their skin color.

And for those souls who haven't yet, please read my whole conversion story.

My Conversion Story

4. Is your kirpan sharp?

Hell yeah it is! Want me to test it on ya?  LOL. Being serious for a second, what's the point of carrying around a dull kirpan? You might as well not be carrying around a kirpan at all. Could you imagine if the Khalsa back in the day went around carrying one of those unusable ones they usually give out at Amrit Sanchars?! Sikhs wouldn't exist today. I would also like the make the comment that a kirpan doesn't necessarily have to be a "Sikh style" kirpan. Tactical knives work just as well.

5.  Where is your hometown?

Sikh person: Where are you from?

Me: Fort Worth

Sikh person: Huh?

Me:...I'm from near Dallas

Sikh person: OH! You are from Dallas

Me: ....sure 😑

I'm am from Fort Worth! Not Dallas! There is a huge difference.

6. Am I a vegetarian?

This is a complicated question. You see, I believe that if a Sikh is going to eat meat, it should be jhatka meat (which is historically what Sikhs consumed). But since the vast majority of meat in the US comes from the factory (and we all know whats happens there) it can be difficult to find ethically raised/killed meat. On top of that, I'm a college student. My first priority is to keep myself from starving, not really being conscious about what I put into my mouth (unless it's halal).

Now for those of y’all who believe in being vegetarian and vegan, more power to ya. I’m not gonna argue with you or put you down because 1) Guru Nanak said not to be arguing about this topic and 2) everyone has a right to believe what they believe in.

Ok, so that's all I got. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! And if you stare at this picture long enough, you will be blessed with one whole year of protection....maybe. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa! Waheguru ji ki Fateh!


  1. do or what kind of reaction do you get from the black american community. Also how did you discover sikhi.

    1. Please reread the blog post. Both of the links will answer your question.