Thursday, August 17, 2017

Naming Ceremony and Life

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa! Waheguru ji ki Fateh! I have very exciting news. Yesterday afternoon, I had a naming ceremony at my Gurdwara. I received the letter "g", and after a couple of minutes of deliberation between Amanpreet and myself, I settled on the name Gurpreet. Because (1) I love the meaning of the name "love of Guru" (2) It's easy to pronounce and (3) so I and Ama have similar names lol. Especially since we're going to potentially start a business together in the future. The real struggle though is going to be making people who know me as Jasmine call me by my new name now lol. Ok, enough of that. Literally a week from now I will have moved into my dorm at UT Austin. I'm excited, nervous, and sometimes I just don't know what to feel. I can't wait to see the people I met at orientation again and I can't wait to meet new people. That first week I plan on decorating/organizing my dorm room, visiting the local gurdwara, and going to the Welcome Week events that I'm interested in. And overall just adjusting to college life. I'll have my car so that's a plus. What else...Oh! I finished my summer courses last Thursday. Finished with all As' too. Never thought I would make it lol. Ummm the next couple of days I will be babysitting my nephew before I leave and I think I just have a dentist appointment left sooooo yeah that's it. - Gurpreet

Update (7/21/2018): Decided to change the title of this post. Also, Ama is still bae, UT dorms suck, and I adjusted to college life.