How to Document Your Personal Journey


The great thing about blogging is that it's an easy way for you to share your message with others. Why blog if that's not what you're trying to do? I've found that through blogging, I've also connected with people I might have never known or come across. To be honest, if had never started blogging, I know for a fact that I would be in a completely different situation then what I am today. 


Some people are more geared towards moving images than words. And some would rather pick up a camera and talk then pick up a pen and write. I'm not a vlogger, but almost all of us could agree that at one time or another we have enjoyed watching different vloggers. Like blogging, vlogging gives you a medium through which you can spread your message or tell your story. 


Like blogging, writing helps you to organize the thoughts and feelings you have in the current moment (which you can later reflect on and learn from). But the difference between this and blogging though is that your journal and notebook can never shut down. Platforms like Blogger, Wordpress, and Tumbler depend on the existence of the internet and are able to (and might be) shut down one day. Add onto that that you have to keep charge your devices charged, and you have a lesser contender for documentation. Writing gives you the opportunity to express your thoughts whether in the car, at the park,  and any other place on the planet. Just make sure to keep up with your journal. 


This is one of my favorite ones. Every time I paint, it feels like I'm in a meditative trance. Not only is doing artwork good for your mental health, but you can display it when you're finished. Here is a painting that I've done in the past. I did it in response to the constant disunity I saw in the Sikh community.