You Might Be A Sikh If

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa. Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

First off, Happy belated Fourth! I would like to bring awareness to our new website, Embracing Sikhism. It is a project between a few sevadars and I to better help introduce people to the Sikh faith. Check it out at the link below. Suggestions (and sevadars) are welcome

Embracing Sikhism

Now, this is meant to be more of a funny piece. I think when most people will read this, they'll completely be able to relate. So let's get into it!

1. You or another family member have kirtan streaming on the living room tv a lot

2. You've ripped through a pair or two of  your kachera

3. You've gone to use to bathroom...but then realize you've tied your kachera too tight

4. You've tied your turban...just to realize you forgot to put your kangha in

5. You're writing or trying to type but your kara constantly keeps hitting the desk

6. You're asked how to pronounce your name (more than once for most of us)

7. You're asked, "What's that thing on your head?"

8. You got a harmonium, tabla, taliyaan, chimta, dhol, etc. at your house

9. You've been mistaken for Muslim (or called Osama)

10. You have a khanda on the back of your car or in your front windshield

11. You drink cha almost on the daily (don’t forget the biscuits!)

12. You have a room solely dedicated to Guru ji or you have a sacred altar like thing

13. You spend $20 or more on shipping to purchase religious items (mostly talking to American Sikhs here)

14. You go over another Sikh’s house and the first thing they want to do is feed you (and don’t you dare reject it)

15. You find kangas just randomly around the house

16. You wake up for Amritvela...just to fall back asleep five minutes later

17. You get hyped every time you see a Sikh person on television

18. Your profession is related to the medical field, business world, police department, military, or politics

19. You’re a poet, artist, musician, singer, or writer

20. People look at your turban...but you can obviously tell they’re afraid to ask questions

21. You can’t just walk into a store and find something related to your faith (which is way easier for other religions)

22. You wonder why we celebrate other holidays more than our own

23. If you were mistaken for a girl as a kid (talking about Keshdhari guys here)

24. Christian missionaries take one look at you and start heading your way

25. You have WhatsApp (on a serious note, I didn’t even know Whatsapp existed until becoming a Sikh).

26. You see another Sikh in public and you get hyped

27. You try looking up shabads during kirtan and literally just Punjabi Artists singing it comes up

28. You tell your non-Sikh friend you got a smagam/nagar kirtan to go to and they’re like “Huhhhh???”

29. Prashad is bae

And lastly...

30. You tell a person you’re SIKH and they say “Oh, I’m so sorry” *facepalm*

So that’s all I can think of for now. Feel free to comment down below stuff I might have missed. I sure there might be a few.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa. Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

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