On 2018 and What I Learned

2018 (in my opinion) was not a great year for society in general. I know that for my own personal life, I had a lot of up and a lot of downs. But there are a few things that I learned in 2018 that I am grateful to have learned. So let's jump into it, shall we?

Don't Let People Take Advantage of Your Platform

I wouldn't quite call myself a public figure yet....but I'm a public figure. And as a result of that, I attract different people from different cultures across the country and world. Most are decent people who like either reading my blog, looking at my infographics, or just like me in general. But then there are those 10% who see your platform as an opportunity to spout their own ignorant, narrow-minded views or their own brand. I believe in free speech and that every day has a right to say what they believe, but eventually people cross a line. And if you keep letting them cross the line, they will continue to do so. Therefore, there comes a time when you must block them (whether on social media or in real life).

If It Stresses You Out, Get Rid of It

Social media can be stressful. Money problems can be stressful. Taking too many hours in one semester can be stressful. So sometimes the only course of option is to get rid of it. Does social media stress you out? Delete, deactivate, or just go silent on your account. Money is coming in like it use to? Get rid of expenses that are not necessary (no matter how much you find it enjoyable). Enrolled in too many classes or fixing to fail a class? Drop it. And if anyone has a problem with that, no that they aren't the ones being affected by this stress.

Set Boundaries

If someone tells you to stop doing something or saying something, stop. And if they don't stop, find out a considerate way to make them. Earlier this year, I had to almost put a restraining order on a former teacher of mine who is an evangelical Christian and cannot accept the fact that I'm Sikh. After being harassed by her, I warned my mother (who is in her Sunday School class) that it didn't stop, I would take legal action. Well, guess what? It stopped. But that doesn't mean I still don't have classmates from my past (also evangelical Christians) who try to get in contact with me with I presume to be a hidden motive. This fall semester, I had a few former classmates/friends of mine texting me and asking for my address. After the incident with the lady above, I refused to give it to them. One has been consistent though, so I've decided to give her my address back home. So that she can send whatever she wants to send (I don't know what it is since I haven't gone back for holiday yet) without knowing where I actually live.

Exercise and Diet Matters

Eating chips for dinner does not have a good effect on your body (trust me, I know). Nor does drinking a can of soda a day. NOR does not moving your body do any good. It starts to negatively affect you mentally and even spiritually. The good news is though, you can change your habits. Which I have started to do. Please pray that I continue to get rid of my bad habits.

Don't Let Anyone Neglect You

Sometimes as human beings, we pour out too much of ourselves into someone who does not care about us or cares very little. We keep doing it expecting to get the same amount of love, attention, and engagement in return. Which then makes us an easy target to be taken advantage of. So here's my rule of thumb. Put as effort and emotion into a friendship, relationship, or partnership as that person puts into you. And sometimes, it's best to just let a person go. That doesn't mean that they'll always be that way or that they'll never be a part of your life again, but for now, it would be best to just let it be.

You Will Fail

I have taken several "Ls" this year. It is, unfortunately, a part of life. What matters is how you are going to bounce back from them Ls. If you give up, your life is done. Don't give up. And don't keep it inside either. Discuss your failures and concerns with those you trust.

So I hope you found this advice helpful. I would like to thank all of those who have supported me, loved me, and listened to me during this past year. I just pray that I can be an asset for those who have been a real asset to me this year. So let's lift a glass (of juice) to 2019 being a better year than the last. May everyone have a blessed holiday, may we not forget our shaheeds during this month, and may we all have a Happy New Year. Nanak Naam Chardi Kala Tere Bhane Sarbat da Balla!

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