How to Celebrate Guru Nanak's Birthday

As many Sikhs already know, Guru Nanak's Gurpurab is coming up November 23rd. It's one of the biggest holidays on the Sikh calendar (if not the biggest). Here are a few ways you can celebrate

1. Go to the Gurdwara

Yes, this is an obvious one but you should really do it. Gurdwaras do different things for Gurpurabs and they celebrate it on different days. But being around that celebratory atmosphere is amazing.

2. Decorate

What is a celebration without decorations? Light candles, put up posters/photos, or whatever you feel like doing. I know a few Sikh families that turn on their holiday lights for the festivities.

3. Learn about Guru Nanak

It doesn't help to touch up on Sikh history. Take one of your books off the shelf and read that chapter on Guru Nanak. You can also watch documentaries, movies, or short clips about him.

4. Listen to Music

There's plenty of shabads speaking on Baba Nanak. Listen to them. There's also plenty of songs about there about Guru Nanak Dev ji. Listen to them.

Anyways, if you have anything else you would like to add to the list, please comment. Otherwise, Happy Gurpurab!

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